Saturday, February 14, 2015

February Blocks for Samantha - Hive 6

Easy Peasy is what I'd call these disappearing nine patch blocks.  It took me longer to cut the fabric than it did to sew both blocks together.  I made three blocks total and I'm keeping one for myself for my sampler quilt.

I love the color combination she chose...I'm a little obsessed with using grey when I can, so keep some grey in your stash for when its my turn in August.

As for my goal setting...I tried to use a planner last year to keep track of the swaps and projects I was committed to....It got too cumbersome and I couldn't get the information I wanted when I wanted it.  I'm a bit of a techie, so I set up all my swaps in One Note and I have a tab for each and pages with what I'm doing...I can cut and paste or print to my "notebook".  It has been awesome because I can access it from my phone, kindle, computer, etc.  Only problem is now I can really see how long my to do list is :(

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