Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hive #2 February Block

Yea for snowy days!  I got caught up on my sewing this sunny chilly day.

This was a challenge for me because my Juki only has a straight stitch, and no zig zag for doing applique, so I used pellon and a straight stitch. I would have liked to add an outline stitch, but maybe Jo can do that when she gets the block.  I really liked putting the background block together, and cut it at a bit of an angle like Jo's.

Butterfly Appliqué: 

My 16 year son wanted a chicken spinach cheesy crescent roll wrap that I make pretty often on the weekend. so I had him help - he was pretty shocked when I showed him the recipe. The recipe doesn't have chicken or cheese. Plus we had to substitute broccoli for spinach and use some Brie cheese instead of shredded cheese, and brush the tops with butter because we didn't have any eggs.
He was surprised that our finished product was good even though we pretty much substituted every item! I think it was a good lesson.

Who would I invite for dinner:

I would invite my great grandfather, Daniel Bythewood of Beaufort, SC who was a sea captain and led an interesting life and is sure to have some good stories.  I would have to invite Steve Jobs, although then I would need to have a vegetarian option. Let's add Laura Ingals Wilder and my favorite singer John Mellencamp.  Wow, that would be a fantastic conversation for sure.


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helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

your block looks great, I will make a start on mine tomorrow, but hopefully we won't have your snow! We grind to a halt here with 6 flakes of snow! Loved your dinner party guests, I'm really into genealogy and would love to chat to long gone relatives. Daniel should have some great sea stories to tell