Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Hive One Block for Sara

Hello all from Bev at 44 Street! Sara from Hive One requested a block for February made from 4 little 6" stars. I love stars so I was happy to make this block! Sara's color choices were black, white, lime green and red-purple. I love the black and white especially because I got to use one of my all-time favorite fabrics that features little Doxies! 

I hope Sara likes my block! It was really easy and fun to make!

Sara's question for the month of February was : "What was your most memorable vacation and why"?  I guess I would have to say my most memorable vacation was a trip to Mexico where we stayed at a beach resort. It was beautiful. There was an island in the bay and one night we traveled to the little island and slept outside on the beach. The moonlight and stars were fabulous. I'd live on that beach forever if I could! Thanks for a fun block, Sara! Hope everyone has a great month! Cheery wave from Bev

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supersara20 said...

I love this block, the dog is perfect! Thank you so much!