Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hive 6 Finished Block - February

Good evening!

For February, our queen bee, Samantha, asked for 9-patch blocks with grey, navy, blue and lime green.

I really love these colors, but was surprised to see I didn't have that many blue and lime green fabrics in my stash.

It was fun putting these together, and I really look forward to seeing what Samantha does with these after they're chopped up and put back together. I love scrappy quilts!

In answer to the monthly question, I have quite a few sewing goals for the year--a few things I want to finish, and some new skills, like learning to FMQ and sew curves -- I'm hoping that blogging and tracking my progress online will keep me on track!

I just dropped my blocks in the mail a few moments ago, so you should have them soon!


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