Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hive 8 February Bee blocks for Bonnie

Bonnie requested the intersection block by film on the fridge tutorial. She wanted turqoise/aqua and pinks with a white contrast. I figured if you make 1 block it would actually be easier to make 2 so I made 2 blocks for Bonnie. Hope she likes them:

Bonnie asked why I had joined the Stash Bee. I have been in several bees in the past and have loved them all. I wanted to cut back so I am involved in just 2 bees for this year. I loved the idea of being able to pull fabrics from my own stash instead of sending everyone a package. I also loved all the creativity I watched over the past year and was hoping to be able to be a part of the creative process for others. So far, I am totally enjoying it!!

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