Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hive 4 February Block for Kathy

Hive 4 February Block for Kathy

Hello all, I am late for February. My blocks were done a few weeks ago, but I was not happy with how the blue one turned out. I have not been able to get out to get more modern blue fabric due to the weather here in CT.  I am so very sorry for the delay.

As many of you know, we have been inundated in the north with snow this month. 1-2 snow storms a week since the beginning of February, with large volumes of snow fall and no warm melting days in between. We have only had 2 days where the temp was above 32. While many may think we are used to this, it is something very new. We have had to shovel every day, shovel the snow off of the roof and decks, and chisel ice dams out of the gutters. I am thankful that we have had very little damage to our home considering what many of our neighbors are going through.
Our icicles, which before we removed them, were 7+ feet tall and coming out of all of the holes in the overhang of the roof.

As I sit here and type now, we are in the midst of yet another 8 inches of snowfall, and the kids home for the 5th snow day of the year. We have 3+ feet of snow sitting on the ground right now.
I am not complaining though, shoveling has been a great workout, and the photos show just how beautiful the snow can be. It almost feels like the world stands still during a storm. Just beautiful!
(Note the chain link fence is almost buried.)


My blocks:

This blue fabric stretched out when I pressed this block and I was not happy with the end results, although I love the colors.
I will be sending it along to you, for you to se if you can salvage it. 
I hope you love this sewing ruler fabric as much as I do.

Your question for the month was "how do we design our quilts". Most that I have made so far have been from patterns or inspiration pictures found online. I also use graph paper with colored pencils and Microsoft Excel to design the pieced backs that I make for my quilts. I would love to explore software for designing, but I find because I do not ususally do repeating block designs, I will stick to the less expensive graph paper and colored pencils for now.

I am now off to work on the March block and my tutorial for April.
All my best, Heather

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Adtski31 said...

You have had a lot of snow! What is crazy is I live in North Carolina, it has barely iced and snowed. I work in the schools and we have been out for a total of 10 days this winter! It "may" snow and they close LOL