Monday, March 9, 2015

Hive six x 3

Hello, Julia here. I have finished my March block for hive six. I am so happy to be part of this quilt bee!

Fun block for March:

Pressing open was a little bit of a challenge for me.

If I could time travel I would like to go to the future. Going backwards I think I would like to see life pre World War (about 1913).

I wanted to experience all eleven months of quilting with my hive so I have made a February and January block also.

I love that February's block was so quick. I can't wait to see how this quilt turns out:

This year I have a goal to sew within my budget. I will be heavily relying on my stash and treating myself only after careful thought. Last month I went to Quiltcon and did a great job buying only what I had planned.

For January's block I picked some blues and an orange:

My favorite vacation would be camping with my husband and all three dogs and not get soaked. This year might be a good year to stay dry because Oregon is having a record amount of sunshine.

Thanks again bee mates for letting me join you just a little late.

Julia aka Who-lee-uh

p.s. I blog at if you would like to see some of my projects

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