Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hive #9: March Block for Maureen

Maureen requested a block called Linked Squares in bright colors with a gray background.  Here is my take on that block.  Putting this together was very much like doing a jigsaw puzzle (which I enjoy!) so this was a fun block for me.  I hope that it works with her vision!

Maureen's question for March was:  "If you could go back in time and witness any moment in history, what would it be?" 

The moment in history I would like to witness first hand would be when the Berlin wall fell.  A few years ago I met a young woman who was 13 and living on the East Germany side when it fell.  It was so interesting hearing a first person account of the event.  I think it would be great to be there in the moment and feel that excitement and sense of hope.

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Mtclifford said...

It's perfect! Thank you! I watched on TV as the wall was knocked down. It was an amazing moment for sure!