Wednesday, March 18, 2015

HIVE 7 -- Melissa's blocks

I may have set too many goals for the month of March, so I'm happy to have met another one by making these two blocks for Melissa's quilt!!  She asked for purple points and the purple in the top block is really dark!!  Even the correction aspect of my photo program couldn't make it look purple. 
So I made a second one to send along just in case the first is too dark for Melissa.
I've made this block for other swaps in the past and enjoy it's simplicity and how well it works in a scrappy assortment of prints.  I wrote a pattern that uses an adapted format of the block for a shop hop several years ago and after much pestering by local quilters, I've made it available as a pattern for sale.   You can find it HERE and get a look at my Healthy Veggies version of the quilt.
Melissa wants to know what our favorite color is -- it's not purple -- all one needs to do is look at my stash to figure that out.  I do have some of the color, but it's slim picking for sure.  Several years ago, one of my local groups had a challenge with the theme "when I grow old".  I made this little soft book.
and the very first thing I announced on the first page was --
When I am old, I will NOT wear purple.
That being said, I guess my favorite color after years of teaching and shop keeping is the one I'm working with?
I'm looking forward to our April block.
Mary Huey

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