Saturday, March 14, 2015

Finally a finish!!

Hi all! Melodee from Michigan here with my block... Finally!!
Spring is in the air for sure here and that means it's time to get things done!! With that in mind I said time to do this months block!

It was fun and easy peasy! I sure hope my choice of bold is bold lol. I wasn't sure how bold we should go.
My favorite color is purple so I said lets do this! The center neutral is a Downton Abbey print... Another fav of mine!! I had run out of text fabric so a trip to my LQS was on the agenda. After all the hoopla I must say I really like how this block turned out!! And I'm excited to see how my choices play with everyone else's too!
As for this months question. The color I am most resistant to use is white. Not that I don't like it but being a quilter for several years now I have "been there, done that" with white that I really want to try to mix it up!! I find that I gravitate to white for sashing and borders more than I need to. Let's face it, it's white, it goes with anything. But it's just been used so many times I've decided that I need to be daring and try new colors.
TTFN... Happy Sewing!! Melodee

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