Monday, March 23, 2015

March Block for Genevieve- Hive 5

Hi Guys!  Here is my block for Genevieve.  It was really quick and easy to make!

We were asked where we would tell someone to go if they visited that isn't in a guide book.  Well, since Scottsdale is such a tourist heavy city, there isn't much that won't be in the books!  I would say the one thing you have to do when you visit is hike one of the many mountain trails (Camelback Mtn and Pinnacle Peak are my favorites).  To experience the desert in that way and to city the gorgeous city from the top of the peaks is like nothing else!

Looking forward to April!!



its pretty

genevievegraves said...

Holly, this looks great! I get all excited seeing these blocks pop up on the blog, so i pulled out my medallion centers and got to work. I want them to be ready when all these beautiful border blocks arrive!

genevievegraves said...

This showed up yesterday, along with your lovely pin. Thank you! I can't wait to lay them all out!