Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hive 6 - Block for Chelsea

I am on top of the bee blocks this month!  I played hooky from cleaning today and made a fun block - no better way to spend a rainy Sunday!  Plus, I'm getting a new dog in two weeks, so I will be plenty busy then.  So, better to get right to it!

Chelsea picked the Rocky Mountain Puzzle block.  I really like the framing of the center block, and she had a great color inspiration palette.  Though it was probably one or two too many colors because I pulled half my stash in the beginning!  No picture because it was seriously a lot of fabric and a lot of choices.  But, my hand fell on this silky fabric (Art Gallery, of course! quickly becoming my fave, btw), and I knew I just had to use it - Spirodraft Carbon in the Indelible collection by Katarina Roccella.  I just love the geometric, especially architectural, prints!  I also found this fun daisy print in the middle, the origin of which I have long forgotten.  I paired it with one of my favorite lines from recent years - Waterfront Park by Violet Craft for Michael Miller.  The blossoming cherry tree in lavender and the swooping birds carry on with the spring theme that Chelsea wanted!

Chelsea asked us which decade we would go back to if we could, and I pick the 1990s.  I was in high school and college then, and while I'd skip high school if I could (as would anyone, I'm sure), it was actually a good time for me.  I went out-of-state for college (that's how I got to Texas originally :) ), and it was a great experience, too, especially geology field camp which took me all over the west.  


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