Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February block for Hive 9

Here are my overdue blocks for February.  The fish were fun and quick to put together. Can't wait to see your completed quilt Meghan.

Pretty much all my quilts are made with a specific person in mind. So it's tough to say which one holds the most meaning. So here's one of my most recent finishes that I decided to make last minute for my dad before heading to my parents' house, across the country, for Christmas. I still had 3 other quilts to complete for Christmas gifts when I decided my dad could use a comfort quilt. He had a stroke on Thanksgiving Day. Thankfully, he had no lasting effects from the stroke itself. But the surgery to clear the blocked artery caused some complications that were prolonging his recovery and frustrating him. So I thought he could use a quilt just for him for the extra hours spent in his recliner when he'd rather be out and about being active.

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Toni said...

Great fish! I love the fabrics you chose.