Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Tutorial - Hive 2

Hi All!

This month I would like you to make an Economy Block.

To make them all uniform, I am asking you to do a little paper piecing. (Love it or hate it, it makes blocks pretty and accurate!) I promise this is quite simple to do!

I found a great tutorial with a 6 inch block for you to download. It's free with lots of color photos if you are new to paper piecing.

Generations Quilt Patterns - Economy Block

Please print 2 copies. (Feel free to make more if you love paper piecing like I do!)

*Tech tips:
-You must download the file to your computer then open it to print. If you try to print it from a pop up window from the website, your block will be the wrong size. You'll need to download it then print your copies.
-You should print this block from you Adobe Reader. They even have a free download on this site if you need one. (Most computers now come with it.)
-Remember to print "Actual size" since many printers default to "Fit to Screen" mode.

My computer gives me pop up window of this pdf instead of downloading it automatically.
Be sure to click SAVE and not print.
Open it from your computer's download folder then you can print it.
Be sure to check your block before you get started.
If it's off by a bit, the entire block will be wrong.
This block is not 6 inches.

This is perfect!

The block measures 6 inches exactly with the
the dotted lines as your seam allowance.

Check out these videos if you like to learn more about the technique of paper piecing:

The Crafty Gemini

Connecting Threads



Now, on to some colors for my block. You will need 3 sets of fabric for each. I love low volume, geometric, and text prints. (Avoid floral prints. Please and thank you.) Email me if you'd like me to mail you some squares!

Round 1 [3.5 inch square] -Choose your favorite bright, novelty fabric for the center of this block. (Only color to avoid is brown, please.) Have fun fussy cutting something cute. If you don't have novelty fabrics, please feel free to use polka dots or other fun fabrics with more than one color.

Round 2 [3.5 inch square x2] -Choose a complimentary blender as your second round. (Brights over pastels would be my preference but please use what you have in your stash.)

Round 3 [5 inch square x2 to keep it simple]The outside fabric is to be either black, gray, or white.

Some tips for your center fabric selection:

If your have 1/4 inch quilt's tape, make a border on a clear ruler to create a window for fussy cutting. Cardboard works as a fussy cutting window, too!

This print is too large and will be
cut off when sewn.
Just perfect!

The outer blocks don't need to be  fussy cut. Be sure to trim and press each round as you go. This is what makes paper piecing so crisp and clean.

Once you have all rounds completed, don't worry about cutting off the paper or squaring it up. (I have a rotary cutter that I use exclusively for paper piecing work so I don't dull my other cutters.)

You can leave it like this - paper and all.
I'll square it off for you!

Make as many as you'd like!

Thanks in advance for making this one for me! Please reach out if you have any questions about paper piecing or choosing fabrics.

I can't wait to see what you create!

My question for this month:

What is your favorite fabric line and/or designer?

I love Tula Pink, Lotta Jansdotter, and the ladies of Cotton+Steel.


Kristen said...

I've always loved this block but have never made it! very excited to give it a try - thanks for the awesome directions and fabric guidance :)

Yanick B. said...

Thanks Kristen! You'll soon find yourself addicted to this block in no time. Enjoy!

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

looking forward to making this for you, and doing paper piecing again.

Yanick B. said...

Yay Helen! I am a paper piecing addict. I look forward to seeing yours!