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March Stash Bee Hive 4 Tutorial

March Hive 4 Block Tutorial 2015

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and I have been bumped up a few months early for my block. You can find me on Instagram ADTSKI31 or on flickr Amandadaretodd31. I live in Cary, North Carolina with my dog Bogie and longtime boyfriend Ed. By day I work in the schools as an Occupational Therapist with children.

I had a hard time choosing a block but I think I found one that I like. We are going to make a Starry Night Block.  This block comes from Faith at Fresh Lemons Quilts. It is a foundation paper piecing block but very easy!

I would like similar colors to what she has used but you can use solids or blenders. Here are some that I pulled from my stash. They look a little dark but are all teals, bright yellows and low volume/white fabrics.

Teal solids: Kona Kale, Kona Cypress, and RJR Cotton Supreme Solids Putting Green.  Other solids that are similar are Moda Bella Caribbean, Bermuda, Peacock and Jade.

Yellow Solids: Kona Buttercup, RJR Banana Cream Pie and RJR Citron. Other solids that are similar: Kona Citrus and Canary, Bella Sunshine, Daffodil, and Sunflower. 

Here are options for the white strip. What I use below has a pattern but is white on white. Anything similar to this would be fine but if you have a solid white that would be great. 

Here is a link for the pattern. You need to print out 4 copies and make sure fit to page is NOT clicked.

Faith gives very detailed instructions that are easy to follow. She has you cut out rectangles for the pieces. This is what I did but you do have a lot of excess fabric if you would like to cut it to the actual piece size like we did for Renae's block in January. 

There are a couple of requests I would like to make in hopes that the secondary pattern wont be entirely lost when I put it together.
You will need 4 different teal fabrics if you have them. If not, then my only request is that the smaller 5x3 pieces be 2 different fabrics.

Here I have cut:

 Fabric 1: 4 pieces each 5x4
Fabric 2: 4 pieces each 5x4
Fabric 3: 4 pieces 5x3
Fabric 4: 4 pieces 5x3
Fabric 5: (not pictured) white 4 pieces (all the same fabric please) 10x2
Fabric 6: use 2 yellows if you have them 2 pieces 7x4 of one fabric and 2 pieces 7x4 of the other

(Always pair fabrics 1 and 3 together and 2 and 4 together)
You will be using printed 4 templates. 
2 of the templates will be identical and the other 2 will be identical. 

So for 2 of your templates:
 Fabric 1 in the picture above will be in the 1 space. It will always be paired with fabric 3 and fabric 6 in the same column will be used.

For the other 2 templates:
Fabric 2 will be in the 1 space it will always be paired with fabric 4 and for these 2 templates you will use the other 2 yellow pieces. So that it looks something like this:

Green arrows identical blocks, Pink arrows identical blocks
Numbers are template placement of Fabric 1. 
In the 1 space for 2 blocks and in the 2 space for the other 2.

Essentially all you are doing for 2 of the templates is switching the placement of fabric 1 and 2 . If you do that and always pair fabrics 3 and 4 with their counterpart then those fabrics will match up when you sew the 4 templates together to make the completed 12.5 unfinished block. You can leave the main part of the paper on for me.
Here are 2 of my finished blocks.

So that is all probably clear as mud. Dont stress, I am sure what ever you sew for me will be great!

Oh my question, I almost forgot! I love to travel so if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

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