Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hive 9 - March Block for Maureen

Hi all Shauna here.  I've had these blocks done for a couple of weeks, but life got a little crazy and I only made it to the post office yesterday.  The first block I did turned out a little small, I don't know what I did wrong.  I threw it into the package just in case she could use it for something. Then I made another and it turned out fine, so I made another just for the fun of it.

Now Maureen asked what event we would like to go back into time to witness. Boy this was hard for me, because I thought of several, I would love to have seen JFK speak, or see the Wright Brothers fly the first plane, but I think since I'm just a hippie at heart I would love to be able to attend Woodstock.


Toni said...

Beautiful! Amazing how different they look based on fabric choice.

Mtclifford said...

Love them! I can't wait to start playing with all of them!