Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hive 7 March Block

Hello! My name is Melissa, from Hive 7.  I generally prefer the summer because I have more time to sew, and to post, (and try to come up with a block!) but I am excited I got March since it's my birth month!

I enjoyed the Stash Bee SO much last year.  I finished this quilt for my sister:

I love scrappy quilts.  I have made quite a few, and they turn out so lovely with so much character!

The block I chose is Bonnie Hunters' sister's choice block (there are a few variations of this block, I like hers)

Here are two of the blocks I made.  They finish at 10", so I knew I would need to add some of my own to the ones I am being sent, and they are really quick and easy!

The only "requirements" I have are :
* to use purple for the star points, and have it be the same.
* 9 patch can be any two fabrics, a color and a neutral, both of the ones I shared have 5 colored and 4 neutral, you can do it however you would like, some of the ones I made have 5 neutral and 4 colors.
* It can be as scrappy as you would like! If scrappy isn't your thing then don't make it as scrappy.  I chose this block to help use up my 2.5" blocks/strips.
* Please save the little corners from the star points (as bonus triangles explained here: Bonus triangles [you do not need to be exact, I am not :p I was thinking about using them in the border] If you don't want to sew them, could you please send them to me?

Thank you!! I am so excited to see the variety you choose!

My question - What is your favorite color?  Is it your favorite color for quilting also?

My answer - My favorite color is purple, but I don't use it as much in quilting, unless it's something for me.


Granny Maud's Girl said...

My least favourite colour is purple, but I have some in my stash just so I can make these blocks for you!

Sewgreen said...

Aww! Purple is the best!

Mary Huey said...

Okay, Melissa! My favorite color is not purple but I have one or two pieces so should be able to complete this task!!