Monday, March 9, 2015

March Bee Block Hive 7

It was fun to do this block! So I made two. One is more perfect on point than the other, but I hope you still like it. ;)

I hope you like this softer block with the cute horse drawn by Sarah Jane.

And then a little bit of Happy Zombie, Doohikey Designs (me) and Heather Bailey fabrics blended together nicely.

What is your favorite color? Well, as a designer I love all colors. I can't just leave out one, but I do tend to go more towards the Navy and Aqua Blues. If you look at all my designs, it has blue color way in there.

Is it your favorite color for quilting also? Why yes it is! But I also love reds, pinks, greens, oranges. It just depends on the project in how I incorporate those specific colors.

I hope you enjoy your blocks! Can't wait to see this quilt come together!

1 comment:

Sewgreen said...

As I said on instagram they are lovely!! I think they already made it to my house!