Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hive 4 March Block for Amanda

Hello everyone! It's Diana again from Red Delicious Life and here is the block I made for Amanda. It's a paper pieced block that comes together very quickly and has a great visual impact. I've always been rather intimidated with paper piecing but with each project I get better and learn more. What I've learned on this project is to NOT stop sewing when you get to the seam allowance line. How did I not know that before? Well, I figured it out (finally!) with this project but I have to warn you Amanda that some of the outside edge seams are cutting it close.

I have to say - what I love most about this block is the colors that Amanda selected. I already had a bit of an obsession with Michael Miller's dim dots in aqua (the larger polka dot with white and teal dots) but the combination of it with the yellow and white has really inspired me. So much, in fact, that when it comes to my turn to be the hive queen, I plan on using these colors with one additional color. I can't wait. Thank you Amanda!

Now for her question for the month - if I could travel anywhere in the world, where would I go? That's really hard. I love traveling and have been fortunate to have gone many places. Some of my favorites include Italy and the UK. Still on my bucket list though are Australia, New Zealand, and Japan so I'd have to pick one of those.