Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Block for Genevieve - Hive 5

Kelly here. This has been a crazy month and I'm just now finishing this up. I'm blaming it on all the snow and cold we just kept getting all March in Chicago.

So this block was a total comedy of errors for me. I had the whole thing finished but it just didn't line up right. The white fabric was from an old stash and I just think it wasn't good quality either so it stretched. Then I didn't really like the colors I'd picked for the center blocks so I ended up taking the thing apart and remaking it.  The only original pieces are the red and blue strips at the top and bottom.  Plus after going to the International Quilt Show in Chicago last weekend I felt more inspired, picked up some new fabric bits, and started over. Much better now!

For Genevieve's question, if she came to Chicago I would suggest visiting he National Museum of Mexican Art. Deep dish pizza is mandatory for any visitor. I'd suggest Lou Malnatti's. It is the best. Then I'd suggest stopping by Alliance Bakery for some fresh baked French Macarons. Lastly, you can always take a walk along the beaches of Lake Michigan. (It is a strip of beach that runs right next to a highway and skyscrapers. It is sort of surreal.)

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genevievegraves said...

Oooo! I can see I need to plan a trip back to Chicago! Can't wait to see the block! :)