Friday, March 6, 2015

Hive #7--Sister's Choice for March

Melissa asked us for Sister's Choice blocks.  I really enjoyed this block!  I'm having twinges of regret that I have to send them off.  I guess I'll just have to add this to my someday list ...

Melissa also asked us to save the bonus triangles that were cut off for the star points.  I didn't press them open because they get all weird in the mail anyway.

I took a little liberty with the nine-patch neutral with the daisies.  If you don't like it, I can always take it back =)  They were just the right size to fussy cut.

I used some of my white/cream stash for the sides & corners.  I didn't have as much variety as I thought I would, but it was fun for me to stretch and go more scrappy.

The question of the month was: What is your favorite color? Is it your favorite color for quilting also?  My favorite color is purple, too.  (Can't you tell?  Check out my blog, if you don't believe me ...)  Almost as far back as I can remember:  my prom dress was purple, my wedding bouquet was lilacs and purple roses; I pretty much sneak purple in wherever I can as an accent in my home.  I do not, however, quilt much with purple.  I think its because I'm hoarding all my purples in a separate "stash" to make a purple triangle quilt, so I have to actively go in search of purples.  In my quilts I'm drawn to blues and greens.  Don't know why ... they just seem to multiply in my stash without any intention on my part.


genevievegraves said...

I love love love the fussy cut daisies. Brilliant!

Sewgreen said...

I love the daisies too!

dq said...

I just love the flowers in the 9 patch block.