Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hive 3 February Block

Welp. I did it.  I broke my rule.  I saved something easy for the very last minute - I try hard to never do that for this very reason - and ended up sick when I was planning to sew.  Serves me right.  I know better.  However, you win because I was pretty cut happy and I'm sending loads of extra strips to you for blending!  Really, I am sorry for being late - no excuses as I don't care much for tardiness...

Now - 5 notions I can't live without:
1. Wonder Clips!!!!!!!
2. Thread snips
3. Rotary cutter
4. Self-healing mat
5. My cute little bone shaped pin cushion that fits in the crook of my machine ever so well!

5 foods I can't live without (only 5???)
1.  MEXICAN FOOD - all of it all of the time!
2.  Fage Greek Yogurt - 2% Cherry
3.  Unsweet Iced tea
4.  Coffeeeeeeeeeee - lots and black only!
5.  Home-grown, garden fresh tomatoes - warm and salted.......mmmmm!

I could go on about my sincere love for red wine and for Dove chocolate but you get the drift!

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