Monday, March 30, 2015

Hive 5 March Block

Happy March and SPRING BREAK!!   Here is my block for Genevieve!   I love her idea of adding borders this way!  
Broken Dishes Border Block - Spring

Genevieve asked us where we would take her if she came for a visit!! Even though I live in Florida, I'm not really a beach girl, and I'd probably skip the attractions as well.  Instead, we'd probably head out by kayak to explore some of the wetland areas around Polk County and perhaps do some scrub hiking!  We'd end the day with a glass of wine and some live music lakeside downtown! ~ Emily


genevievegraves said...

The block looks great! But more importantly: when can I come visit??!!!? I totally want to kayak the wetlands and then enjoy a lakeside glass of wine!

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