Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hive 5 - March Block for Genevieve

Hi Genevieve,

Here is my block for March, and an Angel block for Christina.  I'm sorry about the bad lighting in the photo, the background is Kona White on both blocks. I would love to come visit you and go on the hike!  I live in Maine the Vacationland State - so everything I can think of is in a guide book somewhere. But my one of my favorite things to do is going for a walk on the beach in the winter -  I know I'm strange but the beach in the winter is my favorite time to go.  



genevievegraves said...

These are gorgeous! How exciting! I can't wait to lay these all out and finish these quilts! Huge thank you.

genevievegraves said...

Hi Lynn, these showed up today and look fabulous. Thank you!