Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yvonne's March 2015 Blocks for Hive #2

I really love paper piecing when pre-cut information is given for the pattern! Thank you, Yanick, for the great instructions and a delightful opportunity to play with the bright colors in my stash. One thing I noticed is that my most of my bright, fun prints have flowers in them, or a lot of my fun prints are darker gray or really light colors. So that left me with my bright geometric prints and the fun owl print. I think it is awesome to get such fast and immediate feedback on fabric selection through Instagram. I hope these blocks work with your vision well enough.

(4) Untrimmed Economy Blocks Ready to Ship Off

The question for this month is if we have a favorite fabric line and/or designer?
I love Carolyn Friedlander's fabric designs and I love Kona solids. 


Yanick B. said...

I love them all! Thanks so much, Yvonne!

Yanick B. said...

Your blocks arrived a while back and I forgot to mention it here!
Thank you again for making such cute blocks!