Monday, March 16, 2015

March Bee Block - Hive 7

Hi everyone!  This is Rozsamaria from in Hive 7.  

Melissa from asked us for Sister's Choice blocks, using Bonnie Hunter's tutorial.  She asked for the star points to be purple (and all from the same fabric).  She wanted the centers to be alternating neutral and a color, and everything else neutral.  I had fun looking at my fabrics and I picked out a warm purple for my points and a rich blue for my color.  For the neutrals I went with all white-based prints - white on white or white with light polka dots.  (I LOVE polka dots.)

I was careful with my seams but it still didn't come out even!  Melissa said she kind of eyeballs her corners, and I thought "I do that too!" but then I regretted it when I had to rip a couple out.  What wouldn't bother me if I were sewing for myself bothered me when I was sewing for someone else.  And I worried that I went to monochrome with my neutrals, but I hope Melissa likes it.  I think the blue and purple really pop against the white, which I why I didn't use scrappy cream prints.
Melissa asked us to send her the triangle scraps if we wanted, so I passed those along to her.

I have loved seeing everyone else's Sister's Choice blocks.  They're all so cute!

Melissa asked us what our favorite colors are, and our favorite colors for quilting.  I think I like ALL THE COLORS (but that's not really accurate - I just like a lot of colors, and I like bright colors).  I guess my favorites are blue and red, but I also like orange and yellow.  For quilting it's pretty much the same.  (Plus the aforementioned polka dots.)

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Sewgreen said...

I think your block is lovely!!