Tuesday, March 24, 2015

February Blocks - Hive 3

I know February was a challenge for Hive 3.  Why?

#1:  It was purly improv.  No rules.  Some had some issues, not many, but some.

#2:  BROWN

Recently, I read something a promenent "Modern" quilter, high up there in the ranks, so to speak, said, "Brown is not a modern color."  It was at that moment, my opinion of Modern quilting changed and I realized that I was not a "Modern" quilter.  The term I prefer now is "contemporary" or "improvisational" - mainly because I enjoy piecing with a changing plan.  Brown is not a four-letter word!!!

So, with these blocks, I will be playing, cutting, trimming, turning and designing as I go.  The picture below displays the wonderful "piecings" my Hive 3 hivemates have sent from their warm homes to me last month.  They are placed on the design wall at random, in no order.

Thank you for these wonderful "blocks"!! I can't wait to be able to play, have fun and then show you the end result!  (Of course, I have started playing but I won't show you anything until the end; but I will try and document the process along the way!)

Bonnie  :)


Sylvia said...

That modern quilter (a fabric designer, right?) will prominently use brown in her fabrics, though--I thought it was so weird when she said that. All this argument about what is "modern" or "not modern" is so silly, and I certainly think your quilts fit the bill. You just do you! :)

Carolyn said...

I love seeing all the blocks together on your design wall! I'm with Sylvia, the modern or not modern argument is silly. I am a quilter and that makes me happy. I can't wait to see how your quilt turns out!