Friday, May 1, 2015

Hive 9 May 2015 Block Tutorial

Hello everyone!  My name is Angela and I own  My husband and I have been married for eight years, and we have seven children and three grandchildren between us.  I've lived long enough and had enough experiences to be able to say that I am insanely grateful for every day of my life.

I hope you enjoy this block- I stole it from Hive 4!  It was their block for April.  I'm thinking that was a good idea.  I might do that again some time.

It is paper pieced, but not difficult.  So, if you are new to paper piecing, don't be worried, it will be fine.  I prefer either paper pieced or wonky for bee blocks, and the reasons are simple.  If you print the paper pieced pattern correctly, you can't mess up the size of the block, which is the biggest problem with getting blocks from multiple makers.  If you make it wonky, I can trim it to a consistent size and matching points and seams become irrelevant.  

Also, if you find that this block is too difficult, I will also give you the option of doing a block of your choice.  I only ask that it be quality fabric and work, and that it be 12 1/2" unfinished.

So, on to the block!  The link to the tutorial is on Happy Turtle Quilts and is called Eastern Sunrise. When you print the pattern, please be sure to check the size of the block.  If it is not 8" from edge to edge, it won't work in the quilt, which will be very sad indeed!  You may have to make adjustments on your printer so that it will print out properly.

My only color requests are that the block be scrappy, and have high contrast.  The Background, or BG, pieces should be low volume prints, although a solid here and there will also work.  When I say low volume I mean that most of the print is white or light.  The other pieces should be fabrics with more saturation and very little white or light.  Definitely not white or light in the background.  Here is an example:

I only need or hope for one of the blocks as shown above, which should be 8" when you are finished making it.  (7 1/2" finished in the quilt- just to be clear.)  Please leave the papers in, and I would love it if you put your name, social media contact, and where you are from on the paper.  It will help me when I make the quilt to give proper credit.  

When the blocks are put together, they will look something like what is pictured below.  Of course, that may change once the blocks come in. You never know what these things will morph into!

So, my question of the month isn't really a question.  More like a request.  Please tell us about 3 things that are in your creative space, and why they are there.  If you want to add pics, it won't hurt my feelings one bit.

My list:
1- A calendar.  Because I sign up for too many swaps, and it's the only way to keep track.  Haha, actually, it's because I own a studio and I am always scheduling something...
2- A bottle of water.  Because it makes me feel like I am doing something healthy while I eat chocolate.
3- A pixilated quilt of Steven Tyler's lips that my sweet friend Karie Jewell gave me.  Because I have platonic dreams that he and I are friends and go on family vacations together.  I know, it's not the least bit weird.  My friends think so too.


JackiB said...


I'm glad I took time to measure the block after printing. It came out to 7.75 instead of 8. A bit of work with a small hammer brought me to the conclusion that there is no work around to the "minimum margin" on my printer. If I extend the lines from the inner square to the outer square the sewn lines will still only be 7.75...

What if I extend the lines to the edges of the 8.5 inch paper, and then you can trim as you wish? Let me know and I'll get started on this super block.

Unknown said...

Haha- I shouldn't think that was funny Jacki, but I totally feel your technical pain. I hate crap like that. Okay, here's what I figured out. My printer often does the same thing. If your printer is also a copier, you can copy it at 110% and see if that works. (112% is the magic number on mine.) If not, go ahead with your original plan and it will be wonderful! Thank you so much! I hope it isn't too much of a pain...

JackiB said...

No problem at all Angela. I'm looking forward to starting on the block.