Monday, May 18, 2015

A Random Bamboo Finish (2014, Hive #2)

I finally got done with my 2014 quilt!!  Thanks to the amazing ladies of Hive #2 and Heather for the quilting.

Row 1 (l to r): Me, Me, MandyAbigail; Row 2: Me, Dana, Andrea, Me; Row 3: Jessamie, Dana, Vickie, Lisa; Row 4: Me, MeganJansenTiffany.

Every step of the way I love this quilt more and more.  The longarm quilting was done by another bee mate, Heather Seminelli of QA Creations.  She is amazing!  I think we e-mailed back and forth for four or five months before I finally got it off to her.  She had a really fast turn-around time, too!

I wanted to stay somewhat true to the name Samantha (my daughter) gave this block, so I finally settled on this thin-leaf panto, rather than "true" bamboo. I really like the way the leaves create the feel and movement of a bamboo forest while letting the scrappy "canes" stand on their own.


Carla said...

I lovethis quilt! I've got the pattern, but have yet to make it

Lori said...

Great finish!

Mary Huey said...

Wahoo, great finish!!