Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hive 9 - May Block for Angela

Hello, all! It's your friendly, neighborhood last-minute poster here! Hehehehe... I have to admit this is only the second paper piecing project I have attempted and I abandoned the other one last fall as it was clear I would never finish more than one block of the quilt before Christmas! Twenty YouTube "How to Paper Piece" videos later, I had a block :) And only had to rip out one row of stitches ;)

    This block also told me that I am a "matcher"... the longest part of this block for me was choosing the right fabrics! I kept picking pretty ones and then I would put them next to each other and the colors were nearly identical! Whoops! Background fabric is very old Kaffe Fasset and then there is a variety of different prints from Anna Marie Horner (Florigraphy) to a batik (I pre-washed, don't worry!) I might attempt a few more of these, once I got the hang of paper piecing this block was pretty fun!
My creative space is the open main room of our basement so I have to share my space with the whole family, and my space reflects that :)

In my space there is:

1) Television! Honestly, I don't ever watch TV, we don't even have cable. But there is something about having a documentary (the BBC nature ones are my favorites but I'll take a good crime drama too) on that I am not really paying attention to but I can occasionally glance up at is the way I have always crafted the best. My mom used to listen to the radio so I think I learned it from her... it just seems too lonely to sew in silence :(

2) Toys and tiny chairs... Though I generally sew while my kiddos are napping, every once in awhile in a pinch I have to bring them downstairs and entertain them while I sew. Of course, all two toddlers want to do is touch the sharp rotary cutter and the sizzling iron, so I have to get creative with what I have them play with. The eternal favorite is dumping out and sorting my button jar <3

The infamous button jar...

3) A cup of coffee... this one is simple. It just ain't quilting if there ain't coffee! ;P

View from my back deck of Pikes Peak, 14,114ft straight up!
Gotta Love Colorado! 

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