Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hive 9 - May Blocks for Angela

Phew...I just barely made it.  The sad part is most of these blocks have been done for over a week, but I've not been able to get them photographed.  The photos don't look great, because I'm in Texas and it has rained 23 out of 29 days this month. But I did get them done and I have to say they were really fun to make.  My only problem was I couldn't decide if I needed to make 1, 2, 4 or more.  Well I decided on the option of more.  I ended up making 6.

I loved pulling fabrics from all my fabrics, but my most favorite is the face fabric.  I only got it last week and couldn't resist using it.

Now Angela ask us to tell her the 3 things in our creative space and why they are there.

1. Swiffer. Ok I didn't take a photo of my swiffer, but it is a critical part of my space.  When I'm sewing I tend to drop little pieces, threads, etc., so at the end of the day I like run the swiffer around and get all the little pieces. It is especially important when doing lots of sting piecing like I did for these blocks.

2. Chromebook and Tablet. I have to have some background noise while I sew. So I have a google chromebook that I can stream Netflix or On Demand.  If I can't find anything to watch I will play Pandora.  I also keep a table there as well to look up things like block instructions, patterns I've saved online, and read email. Since both are small I can sit them on the end of my sewing table.

3. Furry Buddy. I have three dogs, one is blind (Tucker), one is deaf (Zoey) and one is crazy (Hollywood).  I have two dog beds in my sewing room, because the Zoey doesn't like to be in there, but the other two do.  The funny part is the Hollywood only likes one of the beds and if Tucker beats him to it, he will lay outside of the door rather than on the other bed.  Tucker likes the round bed best, but will use the other bed if necessary.  All he cares about is that he is with me.  Here is a picture of Tucker in the round bed, Hollywood was at doggie daycare on this day.

Ok that is it from me, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

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