Monday, May 18, 2015

What a Rebel

Jane here from Current Girlfriend. I chose green as my scrappy saturated color for Jan's May block. I felt lucky to see other blocks already posted, and that green had not yet been chosen. Since I have been purging my scrap hoard, I had to scramble to find 8 different greens. I missed the sentence about not using solids for the color squares, oops. I am sending the block anyway. What a rebel. I think the overall effect of the blocks will be charming, can't wait to see the finish!

Jan's question is, "What gets you into your creative mode if you are in a sewing funk?"   I do get into funks, but I have found one thing that has helped a lot. Well, actually several. The softer, easier way is to get out a box of fabric and start sorting it. It is great tactile therapy. The biggest help has been writing daily pages ala The Artist's Way. It is great for decluttering the brain, and is a form of meditation. No topic, just write three pages first thing every morning. It gives me ideas, helps me reframe issues, has made me more self accepting and self loving, and has helped me become more productive. Really!


Jan aka StampQn said...

Your block is great. I love that you used green. No problem with a couple solids. It's a scrappy type quilt anyway. Jan

Mary Huey said...

That 3 page morning write-out is a great strategy -- not currently doing it, but did for several years and still go back to the pages when I'm bogged down!!