Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hive 9 -- Blocks for Angela

Here are my blocks for Angela.

I just moved back to the US last year and got my very own craft room.  I love, love, love the cutting table I built.  It is 4 of those cheap cube shelves from Target, a piece of plywood covered with an inexpensive plastic-coated table cloth, then covered on top with a cardboard cutting mat from Amazon.  Needless to say, it meets all my cutting needs!
Sherlock the cat says hello!

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Tiff Blakey said...

Oh my goodness! We're moving again in a few months. If the next house has a sewing space just for me like my husband wants (I don't think he likes me spreading out in the common area. :p ) I am so building a cutting table like this. My current one can become the pressing table it was originally intended to be.