Monday, May 11, 2015

Hive 8 May 2015 Beach Block for Willa

This is my first ever blog post.  Sorry I have not been very active in the discussions.  We have a new computer that hopefully will make things easier for me to post.

Fear not, I have been making and sending my blocks to all the bee mamas on schedule.

Here is my beachy block for Willa.  Hopefully these tourquoise/ aquas are had you had in mind.

You asked about our flower choices.  After receiving lovely roses for Mother's Day, I guess you can't beat a beautiful bouquet of roses.  Years ago I was a carnation (love the smell) and daisy fan.  Daisies are so delicate and lovely. I don't have much of a green thumb and being here in Phoenix Arizona it is not easy to grow a wide variety of flowers.  Currently we do have blooming cactus.  Gorgeous.           

1 comment:

Willa said...

The block looks lovely - thank you so much!!!! I know it's going to become a most charming part of the ocean!!!

I am so glad you enjoyed your roses! Daisies are hard not to love! Your cactus flower I am sure is a real treasure!!!

Thank you again