Friday, May 22, 2015

HIve 7 -- blocks for Jan in May!!

I love it when I can start swapping blocks in my 2 1/2" basket!!  This "sourdough" collection has supplied just the right pieces for dozens of blocks over the past 20 years.
I picked through looked for "solid" looking squares of colors and piling them up to see if I got to eight different ones necessary to make Jan's block.  Five choices!!
I did a green one and after it was all stitched realized I had repeated one of the greens -- moving too fast again!! 
So I pieced an aqua one -- I think I did better with the low volume prints on this one, too. 
In the end, I packed the three remaining stacks up with the blocks and sent them off to Jan.   
She can make a few more blocks or start her own basket of 2 1/2" squares?!?
I seldom experience sewing funks anymore (though I'm sure I did in the past).  I think I don't struggle with this anymore because I stitch everyday.  I have several projects going at the same time and while there are pauses now and then at the end of a project, it's not hard to find something else to do.
I also believe that in the process of stitching daily, I find solutions to creative problems more easily.  My subconscious is always looking for the answers to questions that accumulate as I work.  When I'm stumped by something, I switch to another project or spend some time looking at what others are doing -- reading blogs, perusing Pinterest, leafing through magazines and books.  There's so much inspiration at our fingertips these days, I have more trouble controlling the urge to do everything and focus in on the areas of my work which give me the greatest satisfaction.
Still love making stuff after 43 years as a quiltmaker!!
Mary Huey

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Jan aka StampQn said...

OHHHHHH these are lovely! Jan