Friday, May 29, 2015

Hive 6: May 2015 Stick Blocks for Nancy

I felt pretty slick this month because I took in process photos.  Unfortunately then I neglected to post them until now. Sigh. Maybe next month my process will improve.

Nancy had us pull black, dark/medium gray, medium/light gray and white for the background colors. Then red for an accent strip/stick.  I knew I have tons of black and gray fabric so I pulled a huge pile & then "narrowed" it down to maybe a dozen.  Then I tried to pull red fabric and discovered I don't have much red in my stash. I really dug around and finally found a variety of reds with only one other color.  Still...not a great selection.

I worked at my local sewing studio (Gather Here) because my sewing machine is acting up.  The tables are covered with kraft paper.  Anyway, this is the pull I brought with me to make my blocks.

As you can see tons of blacks and grays.  My red pull was kind of pitiful. Looking at the reds together I felt like half of them were out because they didn't have the same under tone.  Super frustrating.

After a lot of angst this is what I ended up with.  Backgrounds: one solid black, one medium gray with squiggle lines, pearl bracelets in light gray, and a white print with some light gray flowers.  Sticks: tone on tone pearl bracelets, tone on tone red polka dot, reddish kale/greens, solid red.  I really liked the idea of the first and last blocks being a mix of a solid and pattern.  I tried to vary where the "stick" was in the block.  These were quite enjoyable to sew.  I also liked finding a big hole in my stash (red).

Nancy asked what is our favorite flower, favorite color & favorite non-quilty/sewing activity.

My favorite flower is roses, my favorite color is fuschia and my favorite non-sewing machine activity is being at the beach.  I love being by the water and napping, swimming, reading and lazing about.

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Nancy D. said...

They're beautiful! I had a hard time with the fabric choices too. Mine is lacking in the grays more than anything. Thank you Julia!