Friday, May 1, 2015

May 2015 Hive 8

May StashBee Hive 8

My name is Willa.  This is my second year doing Stash Bee; I enjoyed new challenges and new to me color combinations last year and so far this year.  I hope this will be an easy block for everyone; my goal is fun!  I do not sew/quilt to master incredible challenges.  I see too many effective beautiful quilts that amaze me by their simplicity. My amazing SIL/BFF showed me an easy way to make this block.
You need to cut:
8 white rectangles 3 ½ “ x 6 ½”
8 2 ¾ “ turquoise/aqua squares
Please use a “white white”, not a cream or off white.  White on white fabrics will be fun as long as they are white on white.  No low volume prints unless they are white on white!  Please let me know if you need some white fabric.  Also let me know if you need turquoise/aqua fabric.

1.       Iron the turquoise/aqua squares in half diagonally or mark them with your favorite marking tool.
2.       Place the small square, right side down, on the top left corner of the white rectangle, right side up.  Pin to keep in place.

3.       Sew on the ironed crease or the marked lined. You may want to sew the pieces by chain piecing.  This will make the process go quickly.
4.       Keeping the fabrics flat, cut 1/4” from the stitched line on the top left corner side of the fabrics.
5.       Fold remaining turquoise/aqua fabric toward the now missing corner.  Iron with the seams together toward the darker fabric.
6.       Complete this process for all the white rectangles.
7.       Sew the completed 8 white rectangles together.  I don’t think it matters if you sew two rectangles side by side repeatedly, and then sew the block of two rectangles to another twosome repeatedly.  Or you can sew four rectangles under one the other twice and then sew the two blocks of four rectangles together.  You just need to end up with 4 rows of two rectangles side by side.  The finished block should be 12 ½ “ x 12 ½ “.
I know this block doesn’t seem very exciting but I am hopeful the effect of all the blocks together will be reminiscent of a clear day at the beach.

My question is, “What flowers would you like to receive and in what kind of container?”  My husband of 43+ years has been wonderful about supplying my love of flowers over the years; be it flowers for vases or time to choose yard flowers at a local nursery. 

So my question, part 1, is what flowers for you?
Part two; would you like a bouquet, a corsage, a pot for a deck, a pot for replanting in the yard?  Or maybe you don’t care about flowers.

My favorite flowers are gardenias, peonies, plumeria, and irises. I would love all of these in my yard (probably not realistic given I live in Virginia), so irises and peonies in the yard would be wonderful and bouquets of gardenias and plumeria would be magnificent!!!


audrey said...

Thanks for the clear tutorial, Willa! I'm off to pull fabrics! :)

Willa said...

I look forward to seeing what you choose!