Monday, May 18, 2015

Hive 8 May Block for Willa

Hi All! This is Audrey from Hot Pink Quilts. Willa is our queen bee this month, and she requested a fun beachy block.

Willa also asked about our fave types of flowers. Now, I have a black thumb, and I kill almost anything I try to keep alive. (I have an aloe plant named Ferdinand that's been around for two years--I consider him my greatest success. He is also my only houseplant.) However, I wish I had a lovely garden full of flowers. My favorite is definitely tulips! There is a home in my neighborhood that has hundreds of tulips in their front yard, and every year, I love watching for them to arrive because it's such a stunning sight.

1 comment:

Willa said...

Block looks great!!! Thanks so much!!!