Sunday, May 3, 2015

Scrap Jar Stars for Shari from Current Girlfriend

I am so glad to see another tardy April post for Shari. As the Russian Wolfhound said in 'Lady and the Tramp,' "miserable being seeks more miserable being... then, is happy."  Lol.  My April rushed to a close and although I did get the block mailed in time to arrive for Shari's birthday on April 30, I didn't get it blogged. but here it is, and it turned out cheerfully sweet.

Shari asked about our dream vacation. I would love to time travel, back to childhood and the family vacations at Coos Bay, Oregon each summer. We played on the beach, in the driftwood and sand, while dad and friends went fishing each day. The seafood was fantastic. Such fun, innocent times with my siblings.

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