Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hive 8 May block for Willa

Willa I had a fun time picking fabrics for your block! Even though I'm not sure if I know what Aqua really is lol. You think you're good until you must use your own judgement and stash to find the perfect color for someone else. All in all it was a breeze (ocean pun there 😉).
I will be mailing my contribution to your ocean tomorrow. 
Now for this months question.
Willa asked what flowers we prefer and in what form.
First, I am not a cut flower gal. 
My husband gave me a dozen long stem red roses once. My less than excited tone (I tried, really I did!) told him that if it don't have roots, it's not for me. 
My favorite flower is the black eyed Susan (of which I have none! Darn squirrels eat the shoots!) but my second favorite, which I have, is a lilac bush that blooms and I just adore it!!
Happy sewing ladies :)


Willa said...

Ah, lilacs are in my next list of favorites!!! How can one not love that perfume!!!

The block looks great!!! Thanks so much!!!

Melodee said...

Thanks Willa! I didn't have enough of one white on white so I just mixed it up :) what a relief!