Friday, May 1, 2015

Hive 7 MAY BLOCK Tutorial

Hive 7 May Block

Hello! My name is Jan, from Hive 7.  So excited for my month.  I love bright and scrappy so we'll be doing a block that I saw on "toefeather's" blog that she revised from stars to squares, and names Circle of Squares.

Here is the block I made.

Here is the tutorial.

Each of you will make a block using a single color but you can have many variations of that color in the "squares" in the block. If you choose red, then find all your red print scraps and use those. Please no solids for the squares, just bright prints in the same color with variations in shades of that color. Please use low volume for the background.  It can be all the same low volume fabric or mix it up with scraps of different low volume fabrics.  The scrappier the better for me.  Try and use bright, saturated colors.  My goal is for the "circle of squares" to stand out amongst the background.

The blocks will be 12 1/2" unfinished.  You will need to use scant 1/4" seams to get the 12 1/2" blocks.  You can press your seams how you like best, either open or to the side.  I am so excited to see the variety you choose!

My question - What gets you into your creative mode if you're in a sewing funk?

For me, it is looking through my scrap bin and thinking about all the things I've made using that fabric. Have a fun time going through your scrap bin and choosing fabrics.

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Cyndi said...

I love this idea! I'm going to have fun making this block.