Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hive 1 May Block for Jackie

Hi! It's Bev from 44th Street Fabric blog. In all of my quilting life, there is only one block that I cannot master no matter what I try....the Kaleidoscope Block. Jackie has chosen this block so I made it. The pattern was paper pieced (should be easy). I've done tons of paper piecing but I just have some sort of mental block about this block. Also, I'm an old quilter. What you kids call "low volume", I call beige or So it's good that I am doing the Stash Bee so that I learn all the new "lingo". I'm still not sure what a "modern" quilt is though-haha. So here's what I made for Jackie:

I tried Jackie, I really did! You can use it as a dart board or something if you want. I did use my white with aqua metallic crowns fabric and thought that's probably not "low volume". I've waited to post it and send it because I was going to make another but I don't think that's going to happen. Hope you can use it for something, Jackie. There was no question asked but I probably shared a lot more than you wanted to know about me. Hope everyone is having a good month! XO from Bev