Monday, May 4, 2015

Hive 6 - May Blocks for Nancy

Howdy from Summer!  Here are my May blocks for Stash Bee Hive 6:
Nancy had some fun and easy blocks for us to make which she will use in a quilt for her dad.
I had some red strips leftover from another project, so I grabbed those scraps and some fun Pearl Bracelets and a text print from my stash to whip up these blocks in hardly any time at all!  The light gray is left over from an appliqued whale in this quilt.
Nancy asked "What is your favorite flower, favorite color, and favorite non-quilty/sewing activity?"
I love irises, the color blue, and watching TV. 
If I lived somewhere other than Houston, my favorite non-quilty activity would be to get outdoors and walk with my dogs, but it's hot and there's little good scenery without having to drive quite a ways, so TV it is! :P

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Nancy D. said...

These are perfect! Thank you!