Monday, May 18, 2015

Hive 9 May Block for Angela

Nobody panic. Yes, I realize we're only halfway through the month and my blocks are finished. I am feeling all right. ;) I guess my little vacation was actually good for me.

This is only my second time paper piecing, and I quite enjoy it. Plus, all but one piece for these blocks came from my scrap bin. (I wanted another yellow, but there weren't any scraps long enough in the bin. So I cut into a new fat quarter I just purchased in Phoenix.)

3 things in my sewing space. Does disaster count as one? My stash is in disarray, and my cutting table has been unusable for months. I should do something about that. Anyway...
1) Elmer's Washable Glue: I've been glue basting my blocks for over a year now. It has improved accuracy, and I don't have to remove those pesky pins. Glue is an absolute must for me.
2) Chocolate: I usually try to keep a stash of chocolate hidden from my kids and husband. I especially like to have some on hand when I'm hand stitching bindings.
3) My design wall. It's just made of 60 inch wide felt and tacked to the wall. Half of it is inaccessible because of the ironing board. This house is much smaller than my last house where I had a whole  room for sewing all to myself and an empty wall for the design wall. In this house, it shares a room with my son. But it's a necessity for laying out quilts. Or right now, it's home to 5 blocks for my Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt for inspiration to keep going.

You can see one of my many piles on the left.

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