Sunday, October 25, 2015

September Block for Grace OR A Comedy of Errors :)

Hello from Erin in Colorado... Playing Catch up here, bear with me! :) Anyway, this was a start... mess up... start again... mess up again... start a third time, success!!

Strike One...

Used a Batik... Read the directions better next time, Erin!

Strike Two...

Added my "darks" border to the wrong side... 
I need to work on my spacial reasoning skills!

Swing Three... SUCCESS!!

As many of the other quilters expressed, I too am embarrassed by the state of my quilt space & don't want to share a photo of it here :) My space is a playroom for my children, a living room for my family and a sewing room for myself :) My "sewing table" is a folding card table! And there is general someone using my quilt scraps to make a blanket for their "baby" or dumping all my buttons out of their jar to sort by color ;) But I have organized my fabric into clear plastic bins by theme (Holiday, Children's) and by color which has been SO much more helpful (especially for this Stash Bee!) than I would have ever dreamed possible :) There is some great feeling about seeing all the colors out there that is so warm and fuzzy when I sit here amidst the chaos of my creative space :)

Happy Halloween from my Colorado clan!! 
*My older daughter is wearing a costume my mom sewed for me 
on her old Singer for me when I was a year old <3 
The history of handicrafts in a family warms my heart...

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