Monday, October 5, 2015

Hive 7 October block for Lori

Hello! This is Carla (aka Granny Maud’s Girl).

Lori asked for deep red, dark blue and tan/off white star blocks in any size. I had a stack of these colours already set aside for my Union Jack quilt, so her fabric pull was easy.

It is a good thing that she said any size block. I had planned to make two 12-inch blocks, but when I grabbed my old set of templates for the cross block (I think it looks like a spiky star), I forgot that it was a 13-inch block. I did not realise until I had finished it!

The first block uses a fabric that features all of Lori’s colours: blue, red and tan. I hope the lighter blue is still acceptable. I love this fabric and thought it would work in her colour scheme.

Yes, Y-seams do not frighten me! Oh, no!

This block has a finished size of 13 inches, a hard size to work with, so I will check with Lori about adding borders before mailing it.

My book says this is called a morning star, and it is a neat 12-inch finished block.

Lori’s question for the month was about our favourite block or design. I am not sure I have a particular favourite block, but I guess if I had to narrow it down, I would say that I am fond of blocks that I can appliqué. They are not necessarily the ones that I like the look of most, but hand sewing allows me to sew in front of the TV and watch movies from my comfy armchair. I also have a soft spot for the double wedding ring, and I made one a few years ago.

I also gatecrashed Hive 6 and made this for Kate. I have made dozens of wonky stars, but this improv wonky star challenged me. It was supposed to end up about 12 inches square, but my calculations fell in a heap. It is a peculiar rectangle with scope for squaring up. Fortunately, that is what she wants.

Do not let the image fool you. It is not square.

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Lori said...

Great job. Can't wait to get mine!