Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Hive 4 Block for Laura

October has been such a busy month for me - lots of business travel, and winterizing the yard and company and on and on.  But I did get this block finished early in the month and sent it on to Laura. It was a fun to work with! Fun picking out colors and then just placing them Whilly Nilly without a whole lot of thought. It's interesting to see that they turn out just fine in the end!

Glad to be able to add some of my scrappiness for your quilt - it will be lovely!

What's on my quilting Bucket List? First of all, I need to find a bigger notebook so I can keep track of all the projects I would like to do, lol.  But at the top of my list, I must say I really want to do a quilt for each of my kids.  I have Allison Glass' Timberjack pattern and some fabric pulled for my son's quilt, but no idea what to do for my daughter. They are 32/29, so something kinda fun and trendy for her.  Maybe after Christmas I'll get started.

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