Friday, October 9, 2015

October Hive 8 block for Amanda

Sailing, Sailing over the deep blue sea......

Amanda asked us to make a ship block and it was fun and easy.

I was first inspired to quilt by my mom. I belonged to AFS, an organization that does international  student exchanges since WWII to promote world peace in hopes that young people's experiences globally will promote better understanding among the nations. My mom made a quilt as a fundraiser for our local chapter and I had been on an exchange for a year and when I came back my mom was finishing up the hand quilting with the fellow women. It was a very successful fundraiser. I was able to put a few hand quilted stitches in it myself!! Otherwise, Darlene Zimmerman's fabrics 20 years ago inspired and drew me in to quilting. I still love her work, but have cycled through several different types of fabric favorites over the years ie, Civil War repos, 30's repos, brught, modern and traditional. Right now the vintage modern stuff really appeals. Anyway, didn't mean to be so winded.....alot of inspiration out there. Happy Quilting!!

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