Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015 Stash Bee Hive 4 Sept Block for Katie

2015 Stash Bee Hive 4
Sept Completed Block for Katie
Katie asked us to create a beautiful reverse applique daisy for her in Navy, White and Yellow.
This was a beautiful block, and it was very easy to make. I made two blocks, because I was not thrilled with the stitching on the first block. Here are my blocks
The first block went together very quickly. On the second block, I layered all three fabrics together and sewed the center yellow circle first. I trimmed the circle to 1/4 from the back (under the paper), then laid the paper back down and sewed around the outside of the flower. I found this made the threads on the front of the block to look a lot better, because I did not have to overstitch anywhere, and it was much easier to sew on the yellow circle.
 First Block
Second Block
"What keeps us quilting?", Katie asked. I quilt, and sew because it is about the only thing that relieves stress in my day.

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