Friday, October 2, 2015

Hive 6 October Blocks

This is Samantha writing to you from GA where it has been raining almost non stop for over a week!  Ug. And my kids have been on fall break this week.  Double Ug!  These blocks really challenged me.  I love quilting because I can use rulers to cut straight even lines.  I can use special sewing feet to make perfect quarter inch seams.  I can make 100 of the same block and they will all come out looking the same.  I like symmetry of traditional designs.  I still consider myself modern, but I'm not a huge fan of wonky.  So this was hard.  I didn't once use my rotary cutter, but I still used my quarter inch foot.  The first star I made turned out best.  It was the gray and orange one.  The second one doesn't lay as flat as I'd like.  Hopefully it will still work in the quilt.  I made two so I could try out two different sizes.  The first one is a bit smaller.  I hope it's sunny where you are!  We didn't even get to see the lunar eclipse because of the cloud layer.  Oh well... maybe in another 30 years...

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